Ventura Ophthalmology prides itself in having the latest in diagnostic technology available to our patients. This technology allows us to better diagnoses, follow and treat ocular disease. Many of diagnostic tests are only not available anywhere else in Ventura County,

Cataract and Refractive

  • Nidek OPD Scan III Wavefront Abberometer : The OPD-Scan III is an autorefractor, keratometer, pupillometer (up to 9.5mm), corneal topographer, and integrated wavefront aberrometer, completes 20 diagnostic metrics in less than 10 seconds per eye. Easy alignment and automatic capture of wavefront aberrometry data ensures accurate readings. Wavefront aberrometry data is gathered from available zones up to a 9.5mm area, adding the capability to provide for calculation of mesopic refractions. Blue light, 33 ring, placido disc topography is gathered in one second. Mapping methods include OPD, visual acuity corneal topography/topographer, and more
  • Lenstar IOL power calculation tool that delivers exceptionally accurate axial length, anterior chamber depth and lens thickness by optical biometry. At the same time, its dual zone autokeratometry feature is precise and uniformly consistent. The LENSTAR is an excellent choice for surgeons migrating towards torics and other premium IOLs where highly accurate outcomes are critical for success.



  • Optovue Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Nidek OPD Scan III Wavefront Abberometer
  • Endothelial Cell Count: A corneal cell count will tell you how many endothelial cells are present in the inner layer of your cornea. Ophthalmologists do not routinely perform this procedure, but it may be used to evaluate the cornea before cataract surgery or in specific types of corneal diseases. The procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes.